Beautiful model killed during Guatemala prison visit as riot breaks out

- 7/20/2016
Another beautiful model killed.
Beautiful model Joanna Birriel has been killed

Joanna Birriel has been identified as the stunning 24 year old model who was killed in a Guatemala prison riot in Mexico while she visited Bryon Lima - one of the country's most powerful inmates.

Wrong place at the wrong time. Joanna was caught up in the gang violence which also involved the beheading of four inmates.
Bryon Lima is one of the most powerful inmates
Bryon Lima
According to prison officials, Joanna Birriel visited Lima, who was a former army officer, once a month. Prosecutors claim he built a multimillion pound illegal prison empire based on threats and corruption.

The fighting was brutal and unexpected. The riot began when a fellow inmate threw a hand grenade at Bryon Lima and supporters protecting him attacked their rivals with guns resulting in the death of the model, Lima and 12 others.

Prison personnel could do nothing to prevent her  murder.

Officials blamed the violence on a rival gang led by drugs trafficker, Marvin Montiel Marin.

The model was an unfortunate casualty of a violence and corrupt prison.


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