Beyonce fan blasted for playing Pokémon Go at her Paris concert

- 7/26/2016
Beyonce vs Pokémon Go; that's what it came down to during at a Beyonce concert in Paris.
Beyonce fan blasted for playing Pokémon Go while singer performed

The Lemonade singer won. Nothing gets in the way of Queen Bey and her hive, not even a viral mobile game.

One female gamer committed a cardinal sin by ignoring Beyonce's live concert to play Pokémon Go instead and that is in spite of the fact she must have paid handsomely to get a front row ticket for the show which held at the Stade De France in Paris.

One enraged Bey fan filmed the Pokemon Go player and uploaded the footage to Instagram.

The Footage shows her fixed to her phone, while the rest of the crowd are having the time of their lives around her. In the short clip, the poster is heard shouting in disbelief saying;

"She's playing Pokemon when Beyonce is singing. Look at where she is, she's next to the stage

Viewers slammed the gamer and called for her to be thrown out of the beyhive.

As the Pokémon Go game soars in popularity, Beyonce is not alone in battling the gaming menace, during a performance at the weekend, singer Rihanna requested that all fans put their phones away.

The virtual game might yet cause more mischief. Its already competing with the stars. 
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