British dog a Great Dane is competing to be biggest dog in the world

- 7/26/2016
Can you believe how big this dog it?
One of the biggest dogs in the world
 A Great Dane measuring more than an astonishing 4 feet is competing to be the biggest dog in the world.

The dog called Major is a three-year-old pooch who towers over his owners.

The great Dane is now awaiting the judgement from Guinness book of records, due in August.

The proud dog owners are Brian and Julie Williams who live with the gigantic hound who is the same height as an average seven-year-old child.

Its a tight dog race. The massive mutt, who turns four in September, will be up against fellow Great Danes Freddy from Southend in Essex, and Rocco, from Nevada in the US - so he's guaranteed a top-three finish.

We wish Major, the Great Dane luck.

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