British female student and ISIS recruit killed in coalition air strikes

- 7/11/2016
UK female medical student first female ISIS recruit killed.
British student becomes first British female ISIS recruit killed

ISIS success in recruiting UK women is alarming.

A medical student from the UK has been killed by coalition air strikes in Iraq making her the first British female ISIS recruit to die from the joint air strikes.

22 year old Rowan Kamal Zine El Abidine was reportedly killed last Thursday in the attack, But her husband and young daughter survived.

The female terrorist, formerly a dentistry student, was part of a group of 10 British/Sudanese students who joined ISIS last year.

All were students of Khartoum’s University of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST).

Following  her death El Abidine's family arranged a "mourning tent" in a part of the Sudanese capital to pay tribute.

It is believed that some 45 UMST students had fled to Iraq and Syria to join the extremist terrorist group ISIS who inspite of their horrific and barbaric ways, are still able to inspire and convince young people and even Westerners to join their deadly terrorist  cause.

Iraq is still reeling from the ISIS suicide bomb blast that killed over 200 people and injured more last week towards the end of Ramadan.

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