Bullfighter gored to death in bullring in Spain making first in century

- 7/10/2016

Bullfighter Victor Barrio killed by bull in Spain 

Bullfighter killed in Spain

A Matador Victor Barrio killed while  fighting a massive bull in the bullring in Teruel Spain.

During the bullfight, the bull somehow managed to deal Barrio a fatal wound in the chest.
Victor Barrio killed by bull

Bleeding and unconscious, he was rushed to a hospital near the arena.

 He died shortly afterwards from his injuries.

The bullfight segment of this year's annual festival the 'Feria del Angel'  was suspended as a result of the gruesome tragedy which occurred before live spectators.
Matador dies in bullring in Teruel Spain

Barrio who used to work in the calmer setting of a golf course, left his job to pursue his bullfighting dream.

He became a qualified bullfighter  in 2012.

His death marks the first of a matador in Spain in the last century.

The giant bull that killed him was called Lorenzo.


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