Cannibal crocodile shocks photographer with gruesome display(photos)

- 7/06/2016
Crocodile attack

Check out this crocodile attack of the most unusual kind.

Crocodile feast as deadly predator attacks its own kind.

Crocodiles are vicious, we know. A creature for humans to avoid entirely by every means possible.

This seasoned and brilliant killer is here to stay and we are here to witness its ferocious life as a predator and make sure we don't end up being victim prey ourselves.

But here is a bizarre twist that was witnessed recently; a cannibal crocodile!

German wildlife photographer, Jens Cullman, was at a waterhole at Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe, Africa when he witnessed nature at its savage best. An older crocodile attacked a younger rival which was no match for the bigger beast.

 The big bully clamped his jaw down on his unlucky adversary and tossed him around like a rag doll.
Jens said: "There were lots of loud bangs as the dead croc repeatedly hit the water surface.

"Lots of birds around the waterhole were hanging around, hoping to get a piece of him. But in the end the big Crocodile swam away with the dead croc. It was a very rare sighting – I've never heard of a cannibal croc before!"

Talk about a midday snack!

Check out more photos of the crocodile attack, as  animal wildlife continues to baffle us with its intriguing, and often deadly complexities.
Cannibal crocodile attacks prey

Crocodile wildlife photos


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