Check out deadly viral photo of crocodiles and tourists mingling

- 7/17/2016
A tourist attraction of flesh eating crocodiles may seem unsettling to many, but to actually have them mere inches away from you, makes for a really scary situation.
Dangerous crocodile tourist attraction shut down

The world’s most terrifying tourist attraction has been shut down after frightening photos emerged of tourists balanced on a raft feeding meat to the crocodiles.

Several holidaymakers could be seen aboard a make-shift cage that was kept afloat with plastic barrels just inches from the 10ft long killer reptiles.

Dangerous feeding time: the tourists used flimsy canes to dangle lumps of beef over the jaws of the reptiles - which kept leaping from the water to snatch their lunch.

Social media users were stunned by the activity - with some saying it was cruel to tease the crocodiles by dangling food then pulling it away.

Police and other authorities quickly shut down the venue after the scary photos on social media went viral.


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