Check out Tryra Banks mansion which she just sold for $6.5m(photos)

- 7/12/2016
Super model Tyra banks just sold her beautiful mansion for a sum of $6.5 million.
Tyra banks mansion

Modelling icon Tyra Banks has sold her Beverly Hills home for $6.5m.

The mansion which she initially bought for $3 million, has 4 bedrooms, 7 baths, a pool, a garage, a gym, plus a swimming pool with fountains for entertaining.

Inside Tryra Banks $6.5m home from

Model Tyra Banks sells Beverly Hills home

Check out super model Tyra Banks mansion sold

 According to TMZ she's now sold the 'monster' property after hooking up with Real Estate agent Heidi Lake.

The beauty of the house is certainly well suited to the gorgeous woman Tyra Bank is.

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