Check photos of amazing 10 year old boy born without arms(photos)

- 7/14/2016
Imagine being born without both your arms. Could you raise your chin in defiance of this devastating setback,and with raw determination set out to live a normal life?
Ten year old boy born without arms can do school work with his feet

That's  exactly what this 10 year-old boy born without arms did. He set out to conquer the world.

And he set out to do this with his magical feet" and has refused to give in to his physical disabilities.

So far 10 year old Ha Van Tai is doing so much better than many able bodied boys his age.

He lives in the small village of Kim Dau in Cam Lo District, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam and he was born with neither of his arms. This has forced him to rely on his flexible feet in order to perform daily tasks such as brushing teeth, writing, or turning pages in a book.

Nguyen Thi Thuy is Tai’s class  teacher at Le Van Tam Grade School and she says that Tai is one of her most impressive students. He has inspired his classmates with his perseverance and resilience.

Read what Nguyen has say about Tai:

"Despite having no arm and a fragile physique, Tai has a great passion for learning and hasn’t skipped a single class. Tai’s example is not only a motivation for his fellow students but also an inspiration to teachers."

Little Tai uses a chair as his table during a class at school, he hunches close to his feet and scribbles down lesson notes as gracefully. Actually as fast as any other student. He stop once in a while to listen attentively to the teacher’s words.

Check out these unbelievable photos  of Tai; the little boy with a big heart and strong will.

Armless 10 year old boy who writes with his feet

Tai can do almost anything with his feet

Tai the armless boy writes with his feet

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