Critics are stunned by a sizzling Serena Williams selfie

- 7/21/2016
A Serena Williams selfie has stunned her critics and delighted her fans.

The number one female tennis star has consistently  been critisized for her physique and her outfits during her illustrious career.
Serena Williams revealing selfie
The undeniable fact that she plays super and distracting tennis did nothing to stop the flow of criticism.

But the women's tennis ace didn’t care what people had to say about her revealing Wimbledon outfits.

And she has gone step further in defying her critics on social media.

The tennis champ was flaunting her assets on social media on Wednesday in a sizzling selfie.

Kim K style selfie. The 35 year-old mother of one appears to be lying in bed dressed in just a plunging lace white crop top as she poses seductively for the snap.

The captionless shot was soon inundated with likes and glowing compliments from adoring fans.

Wimbledon shocker. During Wimbledon  last year, Serena left viewers in shock when she took to Wimbledon's Centre Court in her very revealing tops.

Serena fans fought back. During the final, her fans came to her defence and put the focus firmly back on the game.

Her numerous fans fired back at critics, telling them to focus on her tennis and not on her body parts.

But even more shocking than her outfits, is the fact that the Serena Williams won the Australian Open while 2  months pregnant. Who does that? Incredible.

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