Cyclist almost loses his head when booby trap wire slashes his neck

- 7/16/2016
Cyclist almost gets decapitated while riding his bike.
Cyclist Adam Hoult almost gets decapitated by wire

Danger lurked in an unseen razor sharp wire.

The cycling accident occured when Adam Hoult, 40, had been out cycling with friends in Stretford on Sunday when he fell from his bike and blacked out after being caught in the trap.

He didn't know what hit him, as he gained speed going down a popular steep footpath, he was ‘clothes-lined’ by the wire just after 4.45pm.

The dad-of-two was left with a damaged oesophagus and severe burns around his neck which could scar him for life.

This is what Adam had to say about his near death incident;

"I blacked out but came round seconds later, I was struggling to breath and trying to get it off me.’

He took the wire, which he estimates was around 20ft long, to police who are now investigating.

The 40-year-old added: ‘I went to hospital and they said I was lucky as it nearly crushed my
oesophagus. ‘I think if I was a skinny lad it would’ve taken my head off."

Adam says he is struggling with the pain and can’t sleep or swallow properly.

His terrible injuries may leave him scared for Hoult scarred for life.


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