Dave Gipps wedding but can you spot the child abuser in wedding photo

- 7/24/2016
Happy day as excited Groom Dave Gipps marries his sweetheart Christine.
Dave Gipps and child abuser Richard Lancaster

But Dave Gipps’s happy wedding day ­picture holds a dark and ugly secret.

The smartly dressed guest in a black suit just a few feet from the newlyweds to the left is Dave’s childhood abuser.

His name is Richard Lancaster, and he wheedled his way into the church ceremony despite sexually molesting Dave for five years when he was a 13 years old.

But now, 30 years after the happiest day of his life was overshadowed by the pervert, Dave has got justice.

Lancaster, 60, was jailed for ten years last week for his crimes.

Dave now 53, told the Sunday people:
"I thought I’d be sad when I looked at those pictures from my wedding day but actually I’m happy now.

"I’ve put him behind bars and he can’t do that to anyone else ever again.

"I can show it to people now and say, ‘This is the man who abused me. He got ten years’."

Lancaster was 20 when he targeted the 13 year old Dave. For the next five years he molested the teenager.

He continued to pose like a close family friend for over 30 years after.

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