Dr Dre handcuffed by Malibu police after racial abuse by motorist

- 7/26/2016
The blackman and police officer saga continues, as another black man,this time popular rapper and producer Dr. Dre was handcuffed and patted down by police officers, after being racially insulted by an enraged motorist.
Dr.Dre handcuffed by Malibu police officers

Unfair treatment? Music mogul Dr Dre was cuffed by police after he was allegedly racially abused by a ranting motorist.

The other driver was clearly at fault, blocking Dre's private property with his vehicle. Dr. Dre had a run in with the driver blocking the driveway to his beachfront mansion in Malibu.

The N.W.A. co-founder, rapper and producer got into a dispute with the man who 'cussed at him' after moving his vehicle to let him access his driveway.

When the other driver kept raining abuses on him, Dre pulled out his cell phone and started recording the incident.

It was then the man called 911 reporting that someone had pulled a gun on him.

When police arrived on the scene, they found no gun on Dre and had to let him go.

But the accuser still insisted on filing a complaint.


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