Germany matchete attack as Syrian refugee hacks pregnant woman to death

- 7/24/2016
More horror in Germany matchete attack as Syrian refugee hacks passersby with a matchete.

Pregnant woman dead in Germany matchete attack

A pregnant woman is dead and two others are injured after a Syrian refugee holding a machete allegedly attacked passersby on a German street.

He ran through the streets hacking people down. The 21-year-old man randomly hacked at terrified members of the public near a kebab shop in the city of Reutlingen this afternoon.

A woman was killed in the gruesome attack , while at least two others suffered unspecified injuries, according to police and local media.
Syrian refugee attacks people in Germany with matchete

The killer would have continued his attack if not for a man, a driver of a BMW who drove into him and knocked him to the ground, stopping him.

Police arrived and handcuffed him as he lay on the ground.

The attacker acted alone, but investigation continues into the horrible incident that occurred just a day after a teenager shot 9 people dead in a McDonald's shopping mall in Germany.


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