Jim Carrey sent text message to ex girlfriend hours before her suicide

- 7/06/2016
comedian Jim Carrey and ex-girlfriend Cathriona White before her suicide
Legendary Hollywood Comedian Jim Carrey sent his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White a message just before she committed suicide.

In the text Jim Carrey asked her about his missing prescription painkillers which he could no longer find under the sink where they were usually kept.

Cathriona didnt reply to his text message.

Hours later she was found dead  from an apparent suicide by drug overdose.

A report into the death of Cathriona White found that she had consumed a lethal cocktail of drugs just hours after communicating with her ex.

The rising actress had taken a combination of powerful prescription drugs which included Zofran, Propranol, Percocet and Ambien.

Police investigation uncovered a text message sent by Carrey the day before White died.

White wrote a suicide not in addition to a longer letter before her death.  In it she informed her family of her wishes.

She wrote one letter to the Comedian.

This is what the letter read;

"I’ve spent 3 days now in disbelief that you’re not here. I can go on brokenhearted and try to put the pieces back. I could, I just don’t have the will this time.

"I’m sorry you felt I wasn’t there for you. I tried to give you my best part."

Carrey 54, has been devastated by Whites death, even though they were no longer in a relationship.


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