Kenyan fans blast Madonna for posting wrongful slum photo of Kenya

- 7/07/2016

Madonna under fire from Kenyan fans

Singer Madonna

Pop star Madonna is under fire from Kenya fans for posting misguiding slum photos of where Kenyans get water.

Legendary pop singer Madonna has angered Kenyan fans who have gone on star's Instagram page to blast.

How did the music diva become an object of their wrath?

 Madonna Kenyan slum social media post

She posted a photo of a sewer in Kibera, Kenya; a place infamously called Africa's biggest slum.

The popular musician insinuated in her post, that the spot in the photo is where the people of Kibera, a part of Nairobi, Kenya, get their water from.

Kenyans, lashed out at the post and responded with several rash comments directed towards the 57 year old singer.

Madonna who was in Kenya this week, has been accused of not doing her research well before sending the post.

The singer has also been accused of deliberately painting Kenyans in a bad light.

Some are saying that no one drinks water from that sewer and that white people like to paint black countries in bad light. See some of their reactions bellow.
Madonna's Kenyan fans blast her for slum photo

Madonna posts photos of kenyan slum water source

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