Meet hot internet sensation 'Mr. Steal Your Grandma'(photos)

- 7/01/2016
Hot grey bearded Internet sensation

Meet 'Mr steal your grandma', the hot grey bearded man so popular the internet is abuzz with super fine photos of him.
Mr. Steal Your Grandma

He has certainly boggled the minds of many since he stylishly entered our lives through the Internet.

He is the mysterious fashion guru who radiates youth and dresses better than most fashionable men in their 20s.

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Hot and fashionable old man buzzing on social media

Educator Irvin Randle

His amazing physic and stylish poses are something to see.

Probably why he has been given the strange and curious nickname 'Mr. Steal Your Grandma'
Hot and fashionable older man Irvin Randle

Mr. Steal Your Grandma looks hot

Educator Irvin Randle is a grey bearded man based in Houston

Since his photos went viral there's  been one question on everybody's lips;  Who is this hot Dude?

But finally, he has been identified.

His name is Irvin Randle, and he is a grey haired educator who is based in Houston, Texas.

Not much more is known about him, but Mr Randle is certainly gaining social media fans at an astonishing rate.

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