Meet the hot Latino male model turned chef Franco Noriega

- 7/02/2016
Top Latino male model in the gym

Top latino male Model and chef who dazzles on social media.

Imagine being young, male, hot looking and a great cook all at the same time!
Model turned chef Franco Noriega

Well,  27-year-old Franco Noriega is not only a male model turned chef, with a huge Instagram base of 114000 followers, he also has his admirers.

He moved to New York from Peru in 2007 to pursue his dream of becoming an actor but took up modelling after being spotted by renowned fashion photographer Mario Testino who is also from Peru.

 His career took off and he has since modelled for Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Roberto Cavalli.

Noriega who maintains his impressive physique through exercise and healthy dieting has decided to share his dietary secrets with interested fans and customers. To this end, he has become a chef and opened a restaurant in the New York, a Peruvian rotisserie called Baby Brasa, specialising in 'clean' food.
Male model and chef Franco Noriega

The restaurant can only sit 12 people but he says he wants to influence people in his local community to eat better.

"This is what the hunk had to say about his personal eating habits and the food served in his restaurant.

"I eat clean and healthy. I'm basically doing that here. I don't serve anything that don't eat myself"

The multi-talented Noriega plans to open another restaurant.  He will do this as soon as he gets planning permission from authorities.

To the joy of his numerous fan, this top male model with extraordinary culinary skills is planning to be in our lives for a long long time.

And we're not complaining one bit. Great looks and great food is a combination that's very hard to come by.

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