Meet Rocky the orangutan ape that talks like a human

- 7/30/2016
Nature has a way of astounding us.
No matter how much we think we know, nature throws us a curve ball that puts us back into the learners seat.
Rocky the orangutan great ape who talks like a human being

Meet one of natures own marvels;Rocky the orangutan great ape who talks like a human.

The scientists are shocked. The eight-year-old primate has astounded scientists by copying words and reproducing them in a "conversational context".

This Orangutan's amazing speech capabilities has led to renewed hopes of understanding human speech evolution.

Researchers asked Rocky to play a game where he mimicked the tone and pitch of human vowel sounds.

Comparing Rocky's emissions against a large database of recordings of wild and captive orangutans showed they were markedly different.

Rocky was able to learn new sounds and control the action of his voice in the way humans do when they conduct a conversation, the scientists concluded.

They now believe that Rocky could be the key to understanding how human speech evolved to what it is today.
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