Monster James Hunt who raped girl was inspired by his rapist dad

- 7/11/2016
James Hunt who raped 15 year old Bethany was inspired by rapist father.
Boy who raped underage girl

The girl Bethany Hazell was only 15 and 16 at time of the attacks. She is now pregnant with Hunt's child.

Boy James Hunt who raped girl who was underage repeatedly, had boasted to her after the attack that he was copying his dad; a convicted rapist.

The scariest twist to this is that James Hunt whose father Neil Hunt was convicted for raping a woman on the streets, and sent to prison for 12 years sees his father as an inspiration for his own actions.

James who was a supermarket staff, is now behind bars like his father for the same crime.

The 21 year old is now serving eight years in prison for assaulting  Bethany on three separate  occasions.

This is what James told Bethany after one of the attacks:

"Dad did it so I have done it now."

Apart from the attacks, he was also convicted for assaulting another woman and boasting about his crimes afterwards.

At the age of 12 James had watched News segments of his father's in 2007. The boy watched as the jury heard how his father leaped from his car, grabbed the woman and threw her to ground  before violently assaulting her.

He later drove home and slipped into bed beside Heather his wife.

Bethany, daughter Teagan-Hope, who she had as a result of the second rape is now three years old.
James hunt repeatedly assaulted Bethany until she got pregnant

This is what Bethany said about the incidents:

"It looks like he is proud that he is like his dad. It's like he thinks it's a cool thing. It just makes me feel so sick. It is disgusting."

Bethany met Hunt at a district Scouts camp in 2010.

Six months into the relationship Hunt committed the first rape when he demanded sex for the first time and she said she wasn't ready.

He ignored her protests and pinned her down and repeated the crime.

He attacked her again ten months later.

Amazingly, the third attack occurred at her family home.

She was already 20 weeks pregnant and her parents were downstairs when he assaulted her.

She says that James feels no remorse for his actions. On the contrary he feels its alright since his father did it as well.

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