Newly crowned Miss America Latina loses her crown to criminal scandal

- 7/15/2016
Latino Beauty pageant winner loses crown.
Latino beauty pageant winner scandal

Caitlin Cifuentes loses her Miss America Latina crown
Scandals and beauty pageants have always gone hand in hand.  And in the case of Caitlin Cifuentes, a  25 year old beauty who won the title of Miss Corpus Christi Latina (Miss America Latina) in June has been disqualified and her crown taken from her after other contestants argued that she had been married previously and also had a criminal record.

They did their homework and put her past right in the open.

Six competitors, including the first runner-up, sued the pageant's director, Kayla Alvarez forcing the Miss America Latina organizers to drop Cifuentes as the winner.

Citing the contract all contestants signed before competing in the pageant, they argued that the 25-year-old winner's past disqualified her, although the Texas model Cifuentes rejected their claims.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Cifuentes is on deferred adjudicated probation for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and probation for a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated case.

After the lawsuit was filed, Acirema Alayeto, president and founder of Miss America Latina, announced Cifuentes would no longer be recognized as the winner.

'Cifuentes does not have the proper credentials to hold such a title,' Alayeto said in a statement.

Scandal continues to hound the world's beauty pageants, we are reminded that for a public figure, your past, your present, and even your future will always matter to the public.

Another beauty pageant winner who lost her crown is Miss Great Britain Zara Holland who recently lost her crown to scandal.

 Ironically,  it was what she did after she won that cost her the coveted crown, and not her past.

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