Pakistan blood money laws wont help Waseem Azeem in Qandeel Baloch murder

- 7/20/2016
A few days ago, Waseem Azeem murdered his own sister, popular Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch in a gruesome act of honour killing.
Blood money laws may not save Waseem Azeem from Qandeel Baloch murder

 But it has just emerged that Pakistan's  blood-money laws won't help Waseem Azeem avoid punishment in the death of his sister, 26-year-old fashion model and social media star Qandeel Baloch.

That's because police took the "rare step" of becoming the main complainant in the case, the Guardian reports.

Under the blood-money laws, relatives of victims have the power to forgive killers.

After his arrest, Azeem admitted to drugging and strangling his famous sister on Saturday.

He said he did it because she
"brought dishonor on the family name."

It was Baloch's father who filed a police report against Azeem and another son, Muhammad Aslam, after his daughter's death, according to reports.

However some people were  concerned that Azeem would ultimately get away with the killing even though his father had vowed to press charges.

Also being investigated in the case is Abdul Qavi, according to reports. According to the Guardian, Baloch's mother says the prominent Muslim cleric encouraged Azeem. Last month, Reuters reports, Baloch posted photos to social media in which she posed with Qavi, who was subsequently censured.

Qavi has denied involvement and said he had "forgiven her," though he also said her death should be an example to others who attempt to "malign the clergy," per Reuters.

As for Aslam, Baloch's father says Aslam encouraged his brother to kill their sister, but police are not commenting on his alleged role.

Baloch's aggrieved father   said that she had been the family breadwinner:
"She was my son, not a daughter. I have lost my son. She supported all of us, including my son who killed her."

There is now a great chance that Waseem Azeem will face the full force of the law for murder.

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