Patient shoots doctor dead in Berlin hospital shooting attack

- 7/26/2016
There sweeping terror attacks in Germany continue as a Berlin hospital shooting attack shakes the already shaky country.
Patient shoots doctor dead in Berlin hospital

A patient has shot a doctor dead in a Berlin hospital and shot himself afterwards.

The doctor’s colleagues tried to save his life after the shooting at the University Hospital in Steglitz, but police in Germany have said that he has now passed away.

Could it be ISIS again. Possibility of the attack being terrorist motivated was confirmed as Anti-terrorist police could seen at the Benjamin Franlkin Campus.

Police said they were called to the building at 11am today. They confirmed that the gunman was a patient and that he had shot himself.

'According to preliminary information, a patient at the hospital shot a doctor and then killed himself,’ a spokesman said.

The spokeswoman added that there was 'no indication this was a terror attack'.

ISIS have not yet claimed responsibility for the attack as they did the last two German attacks.

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