Photos:Obese ISIS executioner beheads a man in front of crowd

- 7/05/2016
Obese ISIS executioner beheads man

Fat ISIS executioner resembling the Bulldozer beheads a man. 

Photos of a terrible public murder by an ISIS executioner lookalike has been released to the public. 
Horrific pictures have been released showing an obese ISIS executioner in the gruesome act of beheading a man in front of a crowd of people, which included children. 

It was an execution that took place in the ISIS held city of Raqqa a  stronghold of the terrorist group in Syria. 

The victim was dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit and was seated in a chair with his head bent forward, and his hands tied behind his back. 

A large crowd of men and boys surround the chair to watch the brutal execution. Some smile as the killer, dressed in army fatigues, brings down his enormous sword.

The man was killed by the executioner for reportedly "mocking Islam"

As reported by Mail Online, the executioner looked similar to notorious ISIS executioner The Bulldozer was who was humiliated and captured by Syrian army recently. 

ISIS recently claimed responsibility after at least 200 people were killed and 185 others injured in two car bombings in Baghdad at the weekend.

The Baghdad bomb blast death toll had risen to 200 as innocent civilians were hit as they celebrated the end of Ramadan.

One attack occurred at about 1am  when a suicide bomber detonated his car bomb at a crowded area in southern central Baghdad district of Kadara. 

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