Police shooting as Kenyan police officer shoots seven officers dead

- 7/15/2016
Seven Kenyan police officers have been killed, shot dead by their fellow officer.
Police officer shoot dead 7 Kenyan police officers

Shocking tragedy as another police shooting in Kenya rocks the African nation.

A Kenyan police officer went on a shooting rampage, killing seven of his colleagues, including a member of hostage response team on Thursday, July 14 at Kapenguria Police Station. One of the officers includes Officer Dennis Momany from Coy Ruiru, who got married few weeks ago.

The siege began when the attacker, identified as Abdilhakim Maslah, opened fire on his fellow officers, leading to a hostage situation. Police at first suspected the attacker had ties to the al-Shabab jihadist group.

According to the police, Maslah, a station guard, got off work Wednesday night but returned to the Kapenguria station shortly after 5am on Thursday and started shooting.

A separate police statement to the media said the officer, "for yet unknown reasons, went berserk and grabbed a firearm" and started shooting. The statement said the officer wore a "turban that covered his whole face, leading to the previous suspicions" that he was a terrorist.

This is a statement of condolence from the Kenyan President.

"Today, I mourn with the families of the young men who died in Kapenguria defending their nation against a depraved killer, he said in a statement.

"We do not know what led the killer to his foul and evil deeds, but Kenyans can be certain that my government's security and investigative agencies will do all within their power to discover what motivated this attack. I celebrate the lives of the young patriots who died defending the law and order we so often take for granted.

In days to come, my government will give their families every support as they come to terms with these tragic events. My family and I pray that God will grant them the grace to bear these losses. Kenya remains strong. This is a country of laws and order, not violence and hatred. We will not allow ourselves to be shaken, or to be divided by the foul deeds of a single man."

President Uhuru Kenyatta echoes the pain of the people of Kenya  as he condoles the families of the victims.


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