Policewoman dies from tuberculosis after infected thug spat on her face

- 7/31/2016
An unexpected infection caught hold of a policewoman while she was on the job arresting a thug. She had no idea that the criminal she was arrested was infected with the deadly tuberculosis disease.
Ukraine police woman dies after thug infects her with tuberculosis

A policewoman has died after contracting a contagious disease when a thug spat in her face during an arrest.

She was doing her job when he spat in her face. Arina Koltsova, from Kiev, Ukraine, was arresting a suspect on New Year's Day - unaware that he was suffering from tuberculosis (TB). While carrying out her duties she was spat on by the man.

The hardworking 35-year-old police woman remained untreated for some time, before she collapsed at work one day.

After the chemotherapy treatment, usually used for the advanced stages of tuberculosis failed , she died on Monday. 

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