Questions about Donald Trump's hair finally answered by hairdresser

- 7/21/2016
Donald Trump's hair. Yes one of those big Trump questions that have plagued friends, fans and foe of the US Republican presidential candidate for years.
But all was recently revealed. Donald Trump’s former hairdresser has revealed the secrets of his infamous barnet for the first time.

Trump's former hairstylist Amy Lasch, 52, has told how the ­US Republican presidential candidate shunned ­professional stylists and even got his own family to cut his locks.

She described his blond dye job as a “calamity” and revealed he used so much lacquer to achieve his trademark style his hair was “solid and matted”.

Is it real? Amy, who worked with Trump on early seasons of the The Apprentice USA, dismissed rumours the businessman wore a toupee or had a hair transplant.

She said: “He has really long hair and he combs it back straight.

Trump's hair is, apparently, real
"He does it himself. It is real and it is his hair – he doesn’t have plugs."

At people can lay the Donald Trump  hair rumors to rest and face other pressing questions about his suitability to carry America forward.


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