Raging fire kills 39 people including children during house party

- 7/25/2016
Tragedy by fire struck during a house party.
39 people dead in Madagascar house party fire

A gigantic fire has killed 39 people - including 17 children - after it raged through a house-warming party.

The fiery incident occurred in Ambalavato village in Madagascar,
where the blaze ripped through the house on Saturday.

It gutted the building, leaving the property almost totally destroyed.

The temporary survivor was a 14-year-old boy who managed to escape the devastating fire by jumping out the window.

Unfortunately, he later died from his injuries in hospital.

Villagers in the community rushed to rescue the people trapped inside but could not open the door as a pile of people inside had reportedly collapsed against the door, preventing it from opening.

It was reported that the fire was started by unquenched embers from the cooking fires used to prepare food for the party.

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