Scott Disick boasts about sleeping with all Kardashian sisters except one

- 7/31/2016
Selfish Scott Disick is at it again. Bragging about who and who has felt his sexual prowess.
Scott Disick boasts about sleeping with Kardashian sisters

The Kardashian sisters are his major target. He has been boasting to pals about being the only man to have slept with more Kardashians than anyone else in the world.

Small minded men like to make high minded claims.

Ever since his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian tossed the loud mouthed bad boy out of their home , Scott’s become very loose-lipped whenever he gets drunk,"

An insider revealed "It’s unbelievable the stories he tells!"

"He says proudly how the only sister he hasn’t slept with is Kim,” continued the insider, "and he even boasts that he could have slept with Kris [Jenner] if he’d wanted to because she was like an octopus with him, especially after she’d had a few wines."

Its crazy how Scott can talk like this, making the Kardashian sisters seem like a bunch of sex crazed maniacs.

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