See photo of woman killed by Syrian refugee Germany street attacker

- 7/29/2016
The Germany street attack victim was a killed by a love crazed Syrian refugee with a meat cleaver.

The pregnant Polish woman who was hacked to death with a meat cleaver by a Syrian refugee attacker in Germany was a mother-of-four who came to the Germany after her divorce from her husband.

The woman is identified as Jolanta K., 45, she was killed on Sunday by the 21-year-old, who reportedly fell in love with her after visiting the kebab shop where she worked.

She had rejected his advances which probably angered him. Jolanta came from the north-eastern Polish town of Dabrowa Tarnowska and had lived in Germany for a year, according to the Polish press.

Prior to the attack, she had repeatedly rejected his advances.

Police spokesman Bjoern Reusch said in a statement that witnesses said the 21-year-old man, who was known to police, was having an argument with the woman, who is believed to have been working at the kebab stand, before attacking her.

He hacked her down with the knife and she died from her ghastly head injuries. 

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