Serena Williams slammed for wearing very revealing outfit at Wimbledon

- 7/07/2016
Serena Williams Wimbledon tennis outfit

Serena Williams receives backlash for revealing Wimbledon tennis outfit.

Is this a tennis match or Baywatch?

Tennis viewers in shock when world number one female tennis player Serena Williams took to Centre Court in a distractingly revealing top.

During her quarterfinal match the tennis star left very little to the imagination in a tight white Nike top as she played a historic match against Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova on Tuesday. Her tennis was great, but her revealing outfit stole the show.

Dozens of people took to Twitter to comment on how distracting the top of the female tennis player was.

Here are some of the comments by Social Media users;
Tennis player Serena Williams slammed for wearing revealing outfit

"With all the money Serena Williams earns, why can't she buy a decent sports bra which covers her nipples properly,"

While a third even said the BBC should have issued a warning.

"Surprised BBC haven't issued a warning that Serena is showing some nipple today!"

Responding to the comments, a BBC insider said the shots of Serena's nipples couldn't be avoided.

"Female players have opted to wear particularly racy outfits on court this year, including the controversial Nike ‘nightie"

"I've just been exposed to Serena Williams nipples on the BBC, should I complain?" another user commented.
Ahead of Wimbledon, many female 0layers complained that Nike's new $75 outfit gets uncomfortable during play.

Nike has withdrawn the new line of outfits over fears its too skimpy.


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