Shocking moment Mobile phone thief steals phone from bikini clad police woman

- 7/29/2016
She was dressed in a bikini!

A mobile phone thief picked the wrong person to steal from when he unwittingly stole a mobile phone from an off duty female police woman.
Police woman stops Mobile phone thief from stealing her phone

The unsuspecting thief bit off more than he could chew this week when he attempted to steal a mobile phone from a bikini clad woman who turned out to be a cop.

Bikini-wearing Mikaela Kellner sprung into action after a homeless man, who was pretending to sell magazines, swiped the device in Sweden.

But little did he know, he had picked on the wrong woman.

Stealing the phone after being turned down by the officer and her friends, the thief managed to get around 50 feet away before Kellner was on the case.

With the help of another off duty female police officer, they tackled and subdued the thief.

The hilarious photo was posted on social media.


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