Teenage bullfighter gored by vicious bull gets up and finishes the job

- 7/09/2016

19 year old bullfighter gets gored by vicious bull

Teenage bullfighter gets gored by vicious bull

These incredible photos show the moments when a 19-year-old bullfighter was gored by a vicious bull while he was bullfighting at the Pamplona bullfighting Festival in Spain.

The  incident left Andres Roca Rey   privates exposed.

But amazingly, the young Peruvian bullfighter still managed to get back on his feet and confront the bull again.

Finally, the exhausted bull succumbed to its injuries after being stabbed multiple times by the brave teenage bullfighter.
Teenage bullfighter at Pamplona bull festival Spain

The Pamplona bull festival is called The Running Of The Bulls and stretches for nine adrenaline filled days.

Its a fiesta which is a traditional part of Spanish summer festivities.

Runners sprint along with six bulls down a narrow course all the way from a holding pen to Pamplona's bull ring.

Some of the bulls are fitted with fireworks to increase excitement at the popular event.
19 year old bullfighter gets gored and gets up again

Bullfighter get up after being gored at the Pamplona bullfighting Festival

Unfortunately over the years many bullfighters and spectators have suffered injuries.

Infact since 1924 when record-keeping began, fifteen people have died at the bull festival.

Bullfighter Andres Roca Rey was lucky on this day, and showed an admirable degree of bravery for one so young.

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