This man was arrested for stealing a human brain to get high

- 7/18/2016
Talk about getting it into your head.

Twenty-six-year-old Joshua Long invented a whole new concept of getting high; with brain fluid!
Man arrested for stealing human brain and using it to get high

He was charged on Thursday after admitting to stealing a human brain and soaking his weed with the formaldehyde to give it an extra high.

His aunt found the human brain hidden inside a department store shopping bag while cleaning up the house.

She was smart enough to immediately by contact the police.

Detectives reportedly believe the stolen brain was originally used as a classroom anatomy aid.

It's unclear if the brain was in a jar or if Long was just storing the loose organ in a shopping bag and squeezing juice out of it whenever he needed to get high.

He has since been charged with abuse of a corpse, conspiracy and is currently in jail.

People have always taken that extra steps to get that extra high, but Joshua Long took that step a little too far.


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