Tiger attacks woman and kills another in safari park in China(video)

- 7/25/2016
Beware of the tiger.

Tragic and shocking footage has emerged of the moment a woman was mauled by a tiger.
Woman attacked in China by tiger

Another woman, at the scene who turned out to be the first woman's mother, rushed to rescue her daughter from the vicious cat, and was herself dragged to death.

The terrifying tiger attack occurred during a family argument at a safari park.

The tragic incident began when a young woman got out of a car inside the Siberian tiger enclosure to berate her partner in the driver's seat.

Unknown to her, one of the powerful cats crept up behind her and quickly pounced at Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing, China.

Another died trying to her. The older woman was then attacked by a second tiger who dragged her to her death.

Park rangers responded timely, but failed to prevent the death.

The younger woman remains in hospital with serious injuries but the mum died from the Tiger attack.


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