Vengeful Dialysis patient kills 3 other patients by setting them on fire

- 7/28/2016
Horrible death as vengeful Patient kills 3 other patients with gasoline and fire.

Albanian dialysis patient kills 3 patients
It was caught on camera. A video has captured the moment an Albanian dialysis patient killed three people by setting a hospital ward on fire.

The horrifying CCTV footage showed 57 year old Lefter Canaj, the arsonist , pouring gasoline on a male patient in before engulfing the room in flames at a private American hospital in Tirana, Albania.

The savage attack killed the attacker Canaj as well as Sanije Sulaj, and Hani Mal, both 55.

Dashamir Saraci - who Canaj allegedly argued with is fighting for his life.
Dialysis patient sets hospital ward on fire and kills 3 patients

As the flames erupt and roar, the patients are seen flailing in agony as the room fills with black smoke and flames.

They suffocated on the smoke.  The two female patients Ms Sulaj, and Ms Mal died from asphyxiation.

Local media reported that Canaj died on Tuesday, several hours after he was arrested.

Earlier that  same day, before the incident, Lefter Canaj had an argument with Dashamir Saraci, and returned with gasoline and fire to take his revenge.


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