Wayne Rooney slips on the 120k yacht while on holiday in Spain with Coleen

- 7/01/2016
Wayne Rooney and coleen on holiday in Spain
England and Manchester United player Wayne Rooney enjoys a vacation in Spain with wife Coleen Rooney.

It appears that football player Wayne Rooney has put England's painful crashing out of Euro 2016 behind him, as he and his wife Coleen enjoyed a boozy holiday in Spain on an expensive yacht.
Coleen laughs as husband wayne Rooney falls over after drinking wine
The England player who appeared to dramatically lose his hair after England were eliminated from the Euros by tiny Iceland, seemed relaxed and care free as he holidayed in Spain with his beautiful wife Coleen.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney spent some quality time together away from their kids and really let the booze flow!

Coleen showed of her post baby body in a flower patterned bikini two piece, and drank from a large glass of wine while her husband Rooney looked nothing like the powerful forward we have come to know, as he lost his balance, slipped and fell.

We never knew that he also had skills as a goal keeper, but he surprised us with this new skill as he was able to keep his wine glass steady, even as he fell on deck.

Coleen giggled as her husband toppled over on the deck and appeared to be enjoying every moment of their time on the £120k a day yacht .

Earlier in the day Wayne had gone on a Jet ski ride and made it back safely without falling off the ski.

As his wife continued to knock back the wine, Wayne who was dressed in a dark top and red shorts rose from his fall.

The celebrity couple looked really happy as they continued to enjoy the sights, sounds, the wine and the waves of Formentera.


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