What is Pokémon Go find out the reality behind the buzz

- 7/18/2016
The Pokémon Go rave is sweeping through the world. It is gaining new fans everyday and making money every hour.
What is Pokémon Go

Its doesn't appear to be slowing down.

But as its popularity soars, the biggest question making the rounds is this; what is Pokémon Go?

Seen in the lineage of its ancestors,Pokémon Go isn’t what it seems on first blush. Billed as an augmented reality game, the title does offer an experience that blends computer graphics with live camera video.

But that aspect of the title is entirely optional. Sure, it makes good on the delightful proposition of hunting Pokémon in the real, physical world, and at locations that correspond with the monsters’ various capacities.

But mostly, it gives players appealing, local images to help endear others to the experience on social media—and thereby to spread the urge to play among others who’ve enjoyed Pokémon over the last two decades.

In a nutshell Pokémon Go is really just a branded re-skin of Ingress.

But that isn’t stopping it from being one of the biggest raves in 2016.


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