Woman and 9 year old boy killed after wild bears chase them off cliff

- 7/16/2016
Bear attack causes woman and her nephew to fall to their death. 
Bears attack woman and boy and chase them off cliff

Shocking news from the wild, as  hiking holiday turns deadly when 26-year-old woman and her 9 year old nephew were attacked by wild bears in Döşkaya, Turkey.

They had been together with the boy’s mother and his sister when the attack occurred, both managed to escape.
But the boy and his aunt were not so lucky. 

It’s believed the group, who were exploring close to the Armenian border, angered the bears by going too close to a dead cub.

The bear attack: That was when the bears set upon the group, and the woman and her nephew plunged more than 50ft over a cliff as they desperately scrambled to escape, according to the Hurriyet Daily News.

They were found at the bottom of the cliff where medical authorities pronounced both of them dead. 

The boy’s devastated mum and 13-year-old sister escaped the bears with minor injuries.

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