Woman jailed for slashing boyfriend's face with razor for kissing another woman

- 7/11/2016
Woman who slashed boyfriend's face with blade is sent to prison
Woman Joylene Cunningham sent to prison for attacking boyfriend

Joylene Cunningham got mad and rightfully so. But she vented her anger in the most unexpected, and most gruesome of ways.

She slashed her boyfriend's face kissing another woman.

Now, 30 year old Joylene Cunningham has been jailed for two and a half years for slashing her boyfriend's face with a blade.

She cut him deep from his mouth to his ear after she caught him kissing another woman.

Her boyfriend, Sean Harman needed 18 stitches to put his split face back together.

Cunningham told a York Crown Court that the slash was caused from a ring or a glass her boyfriend was holding - but when her ring was examined by Recorder of York, Judge Paul Batty QC, it was found to be blunt.

This is what the Judge of the case told her:

"The wound had been a deep laceration in places, running virtually from Mr Harman's mouth to his ear and causing a permanent scar."

Cunningham narrated that when she saw him kissing and cuddling another girl;

"I felt pretty upset - I just stormed over and hit him."

She admitted to punching him but denied that she had a blade in her hand at the time.

She claimed the ghastly wound must have been caused by the ring she wore on her finger, or even the glass he was holding.

Her now former boyfriend, Mr Harman  defended Cunningham, saying that he had angered her during the incident.

Narrating what led up to the attack, he said that he had wrongly believed she had been the one having an affair.
So he decided to make her jealous by being with someone else.

This is are his words:

"I was disgusting - I was horrible. I was awful. "I was angry with her - I thought she had been cheating on me in my own bed. I wanted revenge on her. I wanted her to be sent down."

He said he had been violent towards Cunningham previously. He also defended her by echoing what she said about the ring.

He said she had hit him with her fist but the cut must have been caused by a ring on her finger or a glass he was holding.

But the Judge who examined the ring said it was not sharp and he did not believe the pair's claims.

Taking into consideration her earlier guilty plea to the charge of wounding another, Judge Batty sentenced Joylene Cunningham to two and half years in prison.

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