Woman killed by train while making love on the train tracks

- 7/17/2016
A Russian train track is no place to make love.

 Crazy way to die as woman is killed by train while making love on the train tracks in Russia.

Woman killed by train while making love on the train tracks

A woman has died after a passing train decapitated her while she was having sex on a railway line.

Her position caused her death; The woman who was on top, is believed to have looked up after hearing the train approaching.

She was killed in Ulan-Ude, Siberia, when the accident happened.

The woman was reported to be a homeless person. Her partner was also homeless both, and unfortunately they were both drunk at the time of the accident.

The train tracks have been notoriously unpopular for a number of tragic incidents in recent time.

A man’s legs were once cut off at tracks and his body was found four days later.

Earlier this week a mother was hit along with her two young children, aged one and two. The younger one died at the scene while the mother and two-year-old are in a critical condition.

The power and speed of trains have always been underestimated, and the deceptive serenity and calm of a deserted train track has led many to untimely deaths.


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