Zimbabwe man sqeezes himself into suitcase to cross SA border

- 7/12/2016
Man squeezes self into suitcase to illegally cross South African border . 
Zimbabwe man squeezes himself into suitcase

Desperation can lead to some of the craziest and most unbelievable actions. 

In the case of a Zimbabwe national a suitcase was the key to freedom. 

Only this time; he would be the content the suitcase. 

Shocking images have released of an illegal Zimbabwe man who squeezed himself into a suitcase in order to illegally cross South African  border.

The unnamed young man somehow managed to squeeze himself into his friend's luggage. 

But people at the South African border were shocked when the fully grown man emerged from the suitcase after he couldn't bear the pains on his limbs anymore. 

It took 45 minutes of what must have been excruciating agony from squeezing his frame into the tiny box for him to give up the attempt and exit the traveling box. 
Man attempts to cross South African border inside luggage

passengers at the BeitBridge Border post where startled when they started hearing moans of pain coming from the bag.

iMzansi reported the incredible incident;

"The tall man in his early 20’s had squeezed himself into the case and was wheeled onto a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, disguised as his friend’s luggage. But the discomfort took its toll after 45 minutes, causing him to wail"

"Shocked passengers alerted authorities after hearing strange noises coming from the unattended bag. Guards removed the case from the vehicle at Beitbridge and were stunned when a human hand emerged."

The current dire economic conditions in Zimbabwe have triggered a desperate need in the citizenry to seek a better life no matter the cost. 
It is heartbreaking to see the lengths some are willing to go to achieve that. 

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