23 year old woman shot dead by police in Baltimore after she threatened them

- 8/03/2016
She was 23, armed and had a standoff with police officers that lasted one hour.
23 year old woman Korryn Gaines shot dead by police

Baltimore police shot the woman dead when she waved her weapon at them, and threatened to kill them.

Baltimore Police officers engaged in an hour-long standoff with Korryn Gaines, a 23 year old woman.
At the end of the standoff, she was dead, shot.

And her five year old son had been shot as well. It is not clear yet who shot the boy.

The incident took place at an apartment in Randallstown in the north-west of the city.

They claimed she repeatedly threatened to kill them. Police said that Gaines, who was seated on the floor with her five-year-old son in her arms, repeatedly pointed a gun at officers and said she was going to kill them if they didn’t leave.

The police fired first. An office fired at Gaines, who shot back several rounds. When the police fired again, they killed her.

Investigation into who shot the boy is still on. It was not made clear where the child was when the shooting took place.

What is clear is that the child was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound but is expected to survive his wound.

She was a respectful woman. After the incident, Gaines’s uncle, Jerome Barnett, 44, said that his niece was ‘feisty, but smart and respectful.’

Investigations continue on the case. The names of the officers involved in the shooting will be released soon.


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