56 year old father of three looks so young he is mistaken as a teenager(photos)

- 8/03/2016
Meet the 56 year old man who looks so young he is usually mistaken for a teenager.

The vain father of three has splashed out £18,600 a year on looking good.
56 year old man looking young

Why does he do this?  According to him, to stop his younger wife from getting fat.

He is not a young man. Donavon Nelson is 56 years old and has forked out thousands of pounds on cosmetic surgery.

He has an incredible fitness regimen. He has spent hundreds of more on his rigorous fitness and grooming regime.

Strangely, he claims it helps force his long-suffering wife Anna who is 35, to keep up with his beauty efforts.

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Hunky 56 year old man looking young

Old man who looks like a teenager
Man spends thousands of pounds to look younger

He works out for three rigorous hours,
This amazing habit has left him looking so much younger than his real age that he's even been stopped from boarding a flight - because border guards thought his passport was fake.

He really pampers himself.
Donavon Nelson even borrows his wife's Clinique products in the bid to look younger.

The 56-year-old hunky dad is originally from Canary Wharf, London, but now lives in Sweden.

He admits to using three different personal trainers to keep super fit and borrowing his wife's Clinique cleanser.

In Donavon's own words:

"With my wife being 21 years younger than me, I want to maintain my body.

"At least I know if she ever leaves me I can still go on the market, I won't be left on the shelf.

He also said that he is used to being asked for ID when he goes out or goes to buy alcohol.

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