Actor Idris Elba reveals his Celebrity crush and guess who she is

- 8/14/2016
He said the first time he ever met her, he couldn't speak.

That's how star struck and lovestruck actor Idris Elba was he met his celebrity crush for the first time.
Actor Idris Elba reveals his Celebrity crush as Meryl Streep

But guess who she is. As Idris Elba reveals his celebrity crush we can agree that she has always been hot.

Top class hunk Elba revealed he might have a taste for the older ladies by unveiling his ultimate celebrity crush.

He is a celebrity sex symbol himself. The 43-year-old Thor star usually gets pulses racing among his female fans with his striking looks and tendency to play brooding on-screen characters.

He has a crush of his own. But when it comes to famous faces that make his heart skip a beat, there can only be one.

Here is what the James Bond candidate had to say;

‘My celebrity crush is Meryl Streep,’ the British actor confessed to Us Weekly – and it seems he was lost for words when their paths crossed.

His love for The Devil wears prada star  Meryl Streep 67,is well documented.

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