Actor Nick Cannon reveals more about his sex life with ex Mariah Carey

- 8/20/2016
We all know that Nick Cannon has always got something to say. And it appears that his ex Mariah has given him even more to talk about.
Nick Cannon reveals details about his sex life with Mariah Carey
Something tells us Mariah Carey might not be too happy as Nick Cannon reveals more details about his sex life with her. In an interview he let out the latest confession about their bedroom antics while they were together. 

Not happy with Nick. The diva was unimpressed when her ex hubby Nick, 35, previously revealed that they had sex to her music, and now he's gone even further and admitted which song it is.

Speaking to Amber Rose on her show, this is what he had to say:

 "I've answered this question while I was married - mistake! She didn't like the fact that I told the world that we have sex to her music, but it was true!

"Can you imagine having sex with Mariah Carey while Mariah Carey is playing in the back? Sorry, Mariah. I said I wasn't going to say that again."

The couple who have two children together have since divorced, but remain friends. 


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