Another incident caused by Pokémon Go as teenager hospitalized

- 8/04/2016
One of the most distracting and engaging games in the world Pokémon Go has caused another incident again.
Teenager get injured while playing Pokémon Go

This time a 16-year-old girl needed hospital treatment when she unwittingly brushed up against a Giant Hogweed plant while playing Pokémon Go.

The teenager was so engrossed in the augmented reality game.

Having fun with the viral game. Leah Price was chasing Pokemon characters which were next to the toxic plant in her local park.

Her foot brushed up against the poisonous plant. After she accidentally touched the plant with her foot, it didn't take long before she felt an agonising burning sensation and has to be rushed to hospital.
Injured teenager rushed to hospital after incident while playing Pokémon Go

Doctors confirmed the cause of her shocking injuries. They told her it was likely the burns and blisters on her foot were as a result of coming into contact with Giant Hogweed.

Worried about the plant in a public park. Leah's mum Emma Hayburn, 37, from Derby, said:

 "Leah's foot has swollen up and she has developed these blisters.

"It's worrying to know that playing Pokemon can lead to such a nasty injury.

A rising number of  incidents caused by Pokémon Go game around the world, has caused concern about the negative impact the reality game is having on people young and old.

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