Azealia Banks lashes out at Zayn Malik about his GQ magazine cover

- 8/12/2016
She is unable to control herself. Azealia Banks lashes out at Zayn Malik again

Even after swearing not to use certain swear words again ever again. And after claiming she would stop giving her "opinion" on social media, female rapper Azealia Banks has hit out at Zayn Malik for the second time around.
Azealia Banks lashes attacks Zayn Malik

The rashly outspoken rapper has taken a low swipe at the Pillowtalk singer and verbally attacked him with a transphobic remark. Can you believe that!

She targeted Zayn's GQ magazine cover. Azealia commented on an Instagram post about Malik’s latest GQ spread .

This is what the vow breaking rapper wrote about the former one direction singer: "He legit looks like he used to be a girl. He gives me transman teas"
Fans lashed out at her in Malik's defense. Fans quickly rallied behind Malik, with one commenting cryptically:

"Banks is going to jail one day for being a cyber bully."

She has done it before, and not that long ago either. It is not the first time Azealia has criticised the 23-year-old singer.

Back In May, her Twitter account was suspended after she tweeted him a several racial and homophobic slurs that were quite offensive.

Her Twitter account was suspended after that, and she lost a headlining gig in London, all of which made her come to her senses—at least until recently.

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