Check out boyfriend's shocking reaction as woman falls off cliff(photos)

- 8/07/2016
Woman falls off cliff—see boyfriend's shocking reaction.

It is in time of desperate need that we truly know our friends.
Woman with her boyfriend falls off cliff
Check out these thought provoking photos showing a man pull his leg away as his girlfriend tries to grab onto it as she falls from a cliff.

Having a good time together. Every thing looked beautiful and perfect. The photos show an unidentified couple on a cliffside overlooking the breathtakingly colourful waters of a beautiful lagoon.

But then the woman decides to take a dive into the water. The bikini-clad woman prepares to launch herself into the water, but stumbles, falls and then grabs the rock in her terror.

She desperately reaches out to him. She then reaches out for the man's leg in an obvious attempt to save herself - but he simply pulls his leg away.
Woman and boyfriend holiday beside cliff

Selfish boyfriend pulls leg away as his girlfriend falls off a cliff

He remained unperturbed as she fell. The blond-haired man then calmly watches as she slides down the rock and plunges out of view.

Of course we can't entirely blame him, but she should pick
her companions carefully.

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