Check out Hollywood actor John Travolta's new hair transplant

- 8/08/2016
He has tried face off and now Its hair off, and then back on for John Travolta.
Hollywood actor John Travolta's new hair transplant

See it to believe it. Hollywood actor John Travolta's hair transplant   movies  is something quite remarkable.

In fact the veteran A lister has given himself a whole new look.

For long there's been speculation about  John Travolta and his eternally perfect hair.
Check out actor John Travolta's new hair

It looked too good to be true. It had to be a wig.

The world saw his real hairline last year when the actor was snapped in the gym at 3am – with his natural hairline and all – by a fellow gym goer.

We love him no matter how his hair looks. And not that it matters to us, because we love both the bald and the hirsute, but it showed that his hair had completely retreated from his forehead.

Excellent hair transplant. He decided to restore it to its former glory. The results are awesome. Now his hair is right back where it once was
And then some.

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